Research Materials

Primary Sources:

Buttles Diary, Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus, OH.

Charles Whittlesey Papers, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, OH.

Griswold Family Papers, Ohio Historical Society Archives, Columbus, OH.

Griswold Family Papers, 1810- 1820, Worthington Historical Society Archives
Jackson, Ronald V., Gary R. Teeples, and David Schaefermeyer. Index of Ohio Tax Lists, 1800 1810. Bountiful, Utah: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1977.
James Kilbourn to the Bishops, Clerical and Lay Delegates of the Episcopal Church meeting in New York City May 1st, 1817, (typed photocopy), Worthington Historical Society Archives. Original in the archives of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, Cleveland, OH.
James Kilbourne Letters (1843 – 1850). Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield, CT.
Jones, Emma, ed., A State in the Making: Correspondence of the Late James Kilbourne. Columbus: Tibbetts Printing, 1913.

Kilbourne, James. “Autobiography of Col. James Kilbourne.” Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, VI (1903). Minute Book of the Scioto Company, Ohio Historical Society Archives, Columbus, OH.

St. John’s Episcopal Church Record Books, Ohio Historical Society Archives, Columbus, OH.

R. W. Cowles Papers, Ohio Historical Society Archives, Columbus, OH..

“The Scioto Company Abstract of Articles,” Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, VI (1903).
Thomas Worthington Papers, Ohio Historical Society Archives, Columbus, OH.
Secondary Sources:

NOTE: Some of these materials can be found at The Old Worthington Library. The Library features aGriswold Senior Center, as well as the Worthington Authors Collection and books about Worthington and early Ohio.

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Style and Structures of Old Worthington. Worthington: Worthington Historical Society, 1997. This survey presents an overview of old Worthington’s architectural environment. Four albums, one for each quadrant, are arranged by street, containing a separate page for each structure in the quadrant, illustrated by color photographs.

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Western Intelligencer, 1811 to 1814; Worthington News, 1925-1992. Local newspapers on microfilm at the Worthington Library.

Worthington: Celebrate the Architecture. (Worthington: ABOT Productions, 1997. A video overview of 19th and 20th century architectural style in Worthington.

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compiled by Jutta Catharine Pegues, President of the Worthington Historical Society