Ohio Historical Markers

The Ohio Historical Markers identify, commemorate and honor the important people, places and events that have contributed to the state’s rich history. The Ohio Historical Markers Program, administered by the Ohio Historical Society, is a vital educational tool, informing residents and visitors about significant aspects of Ohio’s past.

Worthington has the privilege of having 7 Ohio Historical Markers, featured on the Remarkable Ohio Web site:

  • Marker #25-08 : Worthington Masonic Museum
  • Marker #25-36 : Jeffers Mound
  • Marker #25-39 : The Founding of Worthington, A Planned Community : Worthington, A Planned Community
  • Marker #25-44 : Orange Johnson House
  • Marker #25-54 : Saint John’s Church of Worthington and Parts Adjacent / Church and Graveyard
  • Marker #25-116 : Worthington Historic District
  • Marker #25-121 : Harding Hospital Campus