Visitors at the Orange Johnson House’s three Christmas Open Houses were able to enjoy the finished window project.  The thirteen new window sashes were completed over the summer, and the storm windows were installed just before Thanksgiving.  The installation of the new magnetic storm windows was the final step in the overall project.  Funding for the storm window project was made possible through the sponsorship of the Worthington Chapter DAR, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

The Society extends thanks to our members, the Trucksis family, and everyone in the community who contributed to this project, as we are thrilled with the final results!

Replacing the windows will help maintain a stable environment for our collections, including the restored Tröndlin fortepiano. Replacement also allowed the Society to replicate the windows seen in a late 19th century photographs. Research and interviews with experts were conducted to determine the best company to make quality hand-crafted windows to match the original style of the Federal period.

Funding for the windows has been made possible by generous donations our membership and the Worthington community which were matched by the Trucksis family in memory of Jane Neff Trucksis. Jane was a longtime leader, curator, patron, and volunteer at the Society. The Society is deeply appreciative, will help significantly in ensuring the Society can complete the project.

Jane Trucksis, and her many contributions to the Society, are remembered daily. She was deeply passionate about the success of the WHS, and played an integral part of the restoration of the Orange Johnson House. Her leadership and dedication to the museum, the collections, day to day operations, and events over numerous decades is remembered fondly by the community. The donation of funds for the Orange Johnson House Window Replacement is a fitting tribute to Jane’s memory and her many outstanding contributions to the historic site and the Society as a whole.